Gaya Feuille
October 11, 2017
October 11, 2017


Exceptional design, this chimney-stove ITAYA, creates a unique and warm atmosphere in your home. It’s a free standing cast iron stove that will give you the look of a fireplace without having to do a structure around it. It offers one of the largest glass views on the market, which will be much appreciated by the fire lovers.

Design: Bernard Dequet


Emission : 1.9g/hr EPA2020
Max Output : 38 204 btu/hr EPA Tested
Heating Capacity: 2500 SQFT
Efficiency: 76%
Firebox volume/ Capacity: 2,32 CUFT.
Weight: 485 lbs
Log size: up to 24″
Flue dimension: 7″
Flue exit : Top
Color : Anthracite
Measurement (HxWxD): 36×40,75 x19,5 po
Single wall pipe: Double wall pipe and rear shield:
Back: 19″ Back: 12″
Side: 18″ Side: 18″
Corner: 21″ Corner: 21″


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